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The papers in this volume are centred on the general field of corpus linguistics and the varying types of language corpora within it. The papers show that corpus linguistics and the related subject of computational linguistics is a vibrant research area with a wide range of approaches. They address a number of key issues in the research areas of learner corpora, parallel corpora, translation, semantic and lexicography, corpus analysis and expert systems. Finally, a number of contributors come from different language backgrounds and this is reflected in their papers. Contents: Jan Aarts: Towards a new generation of corpus-based English grammars - Tony McEnery/Paul Baker/Andrew Hardie: Swearing and abuse in modern British English - Mike Scott: Reverberations of an echo - El¿bieta Dura: Lexicon-based corpus processing with Lex Ware - Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk/Michael Oakes/Martin Wynne: Automatic alignment of Polish and English texts - Jacek Martinek/Tomasz Obr¿ki/Zygmunt Vetulani: Dictionary based tools for linguistic data acquisition from texts - Oliver Mason/Rafal Uzar: NLP meets TEFL: Tracing the zero article - Michael P. Oakes/Chris D. Paice: Extraction of statistics-related phrases for the automatic generation of informative abstracts - Christina Su-Hsun Tsai: Syntactic variations across texts of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and non-CMC media - Ylva Berglund: Gonna and going to in the British National Corpus - Frantisek ¿rm¿ Linguistics, corpora and information - Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic: A corpus study of contemporary spoken Polish of the younger generation of Poles (19-35 years of age) - Anna B¿czkowska: Creating a corpus of spoken English of Polish EFL learners - Natalya Gvishiani: Contrastive corpus-based analysis (applications in ELT and translation) - Przemys¿aw Kaszubski: Lexical profiling of English (learner) corpora: can we measure advancement levels? - Agnieszka Le¿ko-Szyma¿ska: Passive and active vocabulary knowledge in advanced learners of English - Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk/Agnieszka Le¿ko-Szyma¿ska/Anthony McEnery: Lexical problem areas in the PELCRA learner corpus of English - Vladimira Mi¿ov

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